Vintage Livingroom – Styling ideas


You know how, in the photo’s in lifestyle magazines, the interior always looks as if it just happend to have come together that way ánd looks fabulously amazing? Well, recently I’ve been trying some new styling ideas myself, and it’s really hard work, believe me!

Putting all the peaces together and creating a whole which feels balanced and natural isn’t at all as simple as I thought 😉 The fact that I do not have a lot of space (I live in an apartment in Utrecht, with my boyfriend and 2 cats), and I have but a small stash of accessoires and furniture (I buy and sell vintage items as a hobby), gives me limited creative possibilities.

I was going for a real Fifties / Sixties kind of vintage living room. First time I’m doing some styling myself instead of only admiring someone else’s work and, not having much photography skills, I’m reasonably satisfied 😉

Take a look at some of the results of my styling efforts below. I would love to hear what you think! Mission accomplished?


PS> Some of the items in the photo’s are on Sale at (Dutch second hand site). Check them out! 😀

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